01. Approach

Know the Client
to understand their needs

Our approach is concrete, professional, based on experience and technical expertise. We listen carefully to the Client, we interpret their ideas and needs, we process information and then actualize what is needed for a continuous improvement of their production process.

The ability to quickly capture the Client's needs to determine the best implementation strategy is an advantage that NG-Tech is at the forefront of project approach. The steady collaboration


between Client’s product managers and NG-Tech’s technical team during the acquisition and processing of the Client’s requests - as well as the internal and external compliance requirements - allows NG-Tech to speedily schematize the Client's vision of product features.
Customized proposals, complete with pricing and estimated delivery schedule, enable all interested parties to focus on achieving their goals while keeping in mind the costs, quality, and delivery time. This approach closes the gap between what is produced and what the Client wants, keeping traceability from the prospected goals of the development process to the delivery of the final product.




Our approach is concrete, professional, based on experience and technical expertise. We listen carefully to the Client, we interpret his ideas and needs, thinking and acting for the continuous improvement of his production process.



At NG-Tech, we observe the Client's manufacturing process and their products to find the most suitable and competitive technical solution for the task. We take advantage of our experience and expertise to analyze the Client's ideas, verify the feasibility of the concept and then, finally, bring it to fruition.



Using the diverse expertise our work team, we can quickly develop technical and functional solutions. After a project design phase that is shared step by step with the Client, we develop the project according to the approved technical specifications.



To provide our Clients with the best return on investment in the plant's lifecycle, NG-Tech offers installation services designed to optimize operating conditions and a maintenance regimen that is well-suited with the Client's production process.



Each of our products undergoes a systematic pre-testing regimen before delivery, with a thorough and final testing at the Client’s facilities. At this critical stage, our experts fine-tune the equipment for best performance. Systems are already 100% functional in the pre-test phase.



NG-Tech takes care of its Clients by providing training for operators, after-sales service, web-based assistance and a rapid spare parts service. All NG-Tech machines are equipped with a remote-assistance module. Contact our remote support.