Industrial systems designed and built with an innovative work vision.

NG-Tech srl is a company focused on designing, building and distributing customized machinery and equipment, according to the specific requirements of the Client.


Our mission is to design, build and sell machinery and equipment that offer innovative solutions, improving production processes and people's work, creating efficiency, productivity and a competitive edge for the Client.

Reliability, competence, professionalism, transparency, passion and determination, Client orientation: these are the key elements upon which we have built the success of our company. Made-in-Italy experience and technology are based on the values ​​typical of our culture: responsiveness, dedication to work, creativity, and the ability to really understand the needs of the Client.

Our Clients receive innovative solutions throughout the design-build process, optimizing the result in terms of time and consumption. Everything is delivered with the signature professionalism, expertise and experience of NG-Tech’s workgroup. For us, building machinery according to the particular needs of the Client is not only our passion, but also a source of satisfaction. Being flexible, for NG-Tech, also means paying particular attention to the programming of the machine, to adapt it as much as possible to the specific process and product requirements. At every opportunity, we strive to work alongside the Client to help them achieve their goals.

An in-depth knowledge of mechatronics, competence and intuition of the entrepreneur as a 'man of production' are the strengths of upon which NG-Tech is founded. Every experience in our professional toolbox constitutes the starting point of a new process of improvement for the Client, which can lead to concrete operational success from NG-Tech machinery and plants.

In essence

NG-Tech's business vision incorporates a strong and on-going dialog with all its interlocutors. Suppliers and partners are motivated and involved in the specifics of the project, consistently with our corporate principles and goals. Our operating models – which feature great flexibility and an effective flow of information – are of great support in quickly achieving project milestones and reaching the ideal solution for the Client. Thanks to its intrinsic agility, NG-Tech is able to assist the Client with extreme precision and care. NG-Tech manufactures highly performing systems and equipment, providing each project with the benefit of solid consulting and a custom-designed project development service, in addition to a unique PLC-CNC software development capability.

Ever since its inception, NG-Tech has been strongly committed to product and quality innovation. Lead by a strong focus on productivity, fuel consumption, and environmental protection, NG-Tech strives to bring to the market the best solutions.

NG-Tech offers to its Clients a specialized support from the project inception right to a tailor-made after sales service.

NG-Tech’s systems and equipment are used for a wide range of machining operations in a variety of industries, such as the manufacture of products for fluid systems, the production of rollers and cylinders for handling machinery and application in the food industry, and linear motion systems, etc. The materials that can be machined range from ferrous metals to polymers.